ACCIONA at AchillesLive 2019

  • This event, held on 18 and 19 September in Oslo, brought together leading buyers and suppliers from the energy and utilities sector in northern Europe to discuss future renewable energy acquisition and investment plans.The demands and requirements of areas such as risk management and compliance were also analysed.

ACCIONA has taken part in the fourth edition of AchillesLive 2019, which took place in Oslo (Norway) from 18 to 19 September.

The aim of this event, which was officially opened by Norway’s Minister of Oil and Energy, is to bring together buyers and suppliers in the energy and utilities sector in northern Europe to share their knowledge and views about strategic investments and projects that are planned for the coming years in the field of renewable energy.The demands and requirements of areas such as risk management and compliance were also analysed.

Over the course of two days, delegates took part in various talks, roundtables, collaborative working sessions and one-on-one meetings, as well as enjoying the exhibition zone.The central themes in all these activities included climate change and the urgent need to increase investment in renewable energy, as well as the digitalisation of the industry.

Jesús Maté Sanz, Procurement Operations Manager of the Infrastructure division of  ACCIONA, took part as a guest speaker on the panel entitled “Working together for a sustainable future”, in which he highlighted the company’s maturity in implementing tendering and supplier management tools and procurement process automation.

During his talk entitled “ACCIONA, Energy and Infrastructure: Sustainability associated with the supply chain”, he presented the company’s sustainability plan and its application in the form of targets along the entire supply chain.

Jesús Maté Sanz also presented some of the initiatives developed by ACCIONA’s procurement department to guarantee certain sustainability requirements, both among the company’s own employees and its suppliers, who are offered guidance and training to make improvements in this area.

He also explained the functionality of the Procur-e tool, the main instrument used by ACCIONA to manage risk in its suppliers, as well as the ACCIONA Risk Map, which is used to create greater efficiency in risk control and to convey the company’s specific criteria and its corporate responsibility and sustainability policies.This Risk Map is also used in the company’s No-Go policies to determine whether a supplier is unsuitable to be contracted by ACCIONA if it does not fulfil the minimum requirements.

Scandinavian countries, and Norway in particular, are really committed to developing and generating renewable energy, which is translating into major energy investments both in new plants and improving existing ones.Moreover, it is essential for companies to have suppliers that can fulfil certain sustainability requirements, as well as access the latest technology in the market, in order to carry out these projects.

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